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Hanwha DECAN S1 Equipment

Mounting speed: 47,000 CPH;

Mounting accuracy: ±28μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/Chip, ±35μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/IC;

Component range: 03015~□55mm (H15), L75mm;

PCB size: Standard is L510×W510, maximum is L1,500×W460.

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parameter Specification
Number of shafts 10 Axle × 1 Cantilever
Mounting speed 47,000 CPH (components placed per hour)
Mounting accuracy ±28μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/Chip; ±35μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/IC
Mountable component size 03015~□55mm (H15), L75mm
Substrate size L510×W510 (standard); L1,500×W460 (maximum)
Number of feeders installed (8mm base) 120ea
Energy consumption Power consumption AC200/208/220/240/380/415V (50/60HZ, 3 phases) up to 3.5KVA; Gas consumption 0.5-0.7MPa (5-7kgf/c㎡) 50NI/min
PCB board thickness 0.38-4.2mm
weight 1600kg
Machine size (length x width x height) 1430×1740×1485mm

Hanwha DECAN S1 Equipment Features of Hanwha DECAN S1 equipment

Hanwha DECAN S1 equipment has the following features:

Excellent performance:It performs well among the same level equipment and has the largest PCB processing capacity among medium-speed placement machines. It can produce PCBs with a size of 1500mm (length) × 460mm (width). Its standard substrate size is 510×510mm.

Stable mounting:It can stably mount microchips, prevent leakage by identifying the nozzle center, and improve the microchip rejection rate and mounting quality.

Easy to operate:The teaching time of large and special-shaped components has been shortened, and the FOV of the Fiducial Camera has been expanded (from □7.5mm to □12mm), which has improved the convenience of teaching and shortened the teaching time of component suction/mounting points; the suction coordinates of the shared feeder are maintained, and the suction information of similar models can be inherited when the model is changed, thereby shortening the machine change time; the lighting level of chip components is unified, and the same lighting value can be set in batches, which greatly reduces the lighting change time, eliminates the productivity differences between each device, and improves the convenience of component DB management; supports Multi-Vendor components, and can use one Part Name to manage the same component from two manufacturers. For components with different Vendors, production can continue without changing the PCB program; in addition, large components can be easily taught (Panorama View), large components that are out of the camera recognition field (FOV) are split and identified, and then the split component images are merged into one image display, which is convenient for teaching the suction/mounting position of large components.

Efficient production:It is a device developed to significantly improve the three major indicators of the actual productivity of the placement machine, the placement quality, and the reduction of the discard rate. It can provide the best productivity required for multi-variety production.

The equipment has 10 axes × 1 cantilever, the placement speed can reach 47,000 CPH, the placement accuracy is ±28μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/Chip ±35μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/IC, and it can mount components of 03015~□55mm (15mm high) and 75mm long. The number of feeders carried (8mm benchmark) is 120ea. In terms of energy consumption, the power consumption is AC200/208/220/240/380/415V (50/60HZ, 3 phases) to 3.5KVA, the gas consumption is 0.5-0.7MPa (5-7kgf/c㎡) 50NI/min, the applicable PCB board thickness is 0.38-4.2mm, the machine weight is 1600kg, and the size is 1430×1740×1485mm. It is suitable for many industries such as home appliances, automobiles, LEDs, consumer electronics, etc.
Application areas of Hanwha DECAN S1 equipment
Hanwha DECAN S1 equipment is mainly used in the following fields:

Appliance industry: It can be used to produce control panels for home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, and induction cookers;

Automobile industry:Applicable to the manufacture of automotive instruments, automotive power supplies, automotive audio, automotive lighting and other parts;

LED Industry: Capable of producing LED lamps, indoor lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting fixtures, industrial lighting and other products;

Consumer Electronics: Can participate in the production of mobile phones, laptops, PCs, mobile power supplies, battery protection boards, smart wearable devices, smart homes and other equipment;

Other electronic products: Can meet the production needs of all other electronic products.

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