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Samsung SM471 PLUS Mounter

Mounting speed: 156,000 CPH (under optimal conditions)

Mounting accuracy: ±30 μm @ Cpk≥1.0 (Chip); ±25 μm @ Cpk≥1.0 (IC)

Component range:0201 – □42mm components; height 0.3 – 12.7mm

PCB size: Minimum 50mm x 50mm, Maximum 510mm x 460mm

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parameter Specification
Mounting speed 78,000 CPH (optimal conditions)
Mounting accuracy ±50μm@μ±3σ
Applicable parts 0402~14mm (12mm high)
Applicable PCB limit (standard) 510 (length) × 460 (width)
Applicable PCB limit (option) 610 (length) × 460 (width)
PCB thickness 0.38mm~4.2mm
Dimensions (mm) 1650×1690×1458
Number of 8mm feeders that can be accommodated Up to 120
Number of shafts and cantilevers 10 axis rods x 2 cantilevers
power supply AC200/208/220/240/380/415V (50/60Hz, 3Phase), Max.5.0kva
Air Compressor 0.5~0.7Mpa (5-7kgf/c㎡), 350nl/min
weight About 1820KG
PCB standard shipping direction From left to right, or from right to left (please specify on the order)

Samsung SM471 PLUS Mounter Features of Samsung SM471 PLUS Mounter

The placement speed is up to 78,000 CPH (under optimal conditions), which can quickly and efficiently complete the placement task, improve production efficiency, and meet the needs of large-scale production.

The mounting accuracy reaches ±50μm@μ±3σ. The high precision ensures that the electronic components are accurately mounted on the PCB board, providing guarantee for the high quality of the product, making the electronic products stable in performance and reliable in quality.

It can mount components ranging from 0402 to 14mm (height 12mm). It has a wide range of adaptability and can meet the production requirements of various types of electronic products.

The PCB is very flexible to adapt to. The standard PCB size is 510 (length) × 460 (width), which can be expanded to 610 (length) × 460 (width) through options. The PCB thickness is within the range of 0.38mm – 4.2mm, which facilitates the production of PCB boards of different specifications.

It can accommodate up to 120 8mm feeders. The large feeder capacity reduces the frequency of changing the rolls, making the production process more continuous and efficient.

The advanced mechanical structure and control system provide long-term operation stability and reliability, which reduces the failure rate of equipment and reduces production interruptions and losses caused by equipment failure.

Equipped with a friendly human-machine interface and software system, it is convenient for operators to program, debug and operate, reduce learning costs and operating difficulties, and improve production convenience and efficiency

The transportation direction of PCB can be selected from left to right or from right to left according to the actual production line layout requirements. It is highly customizable and can better adapt to different production environments and process requirements.
Application fields of Samsung SM471 PLUS placement machine
Samsung SM471 PLUS placement machine has a wide range of applications, mainly including the following aspects:

Consumer electronics manufacturing:For example, the production of circuit board SMT for mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, smart watches, digital cameras and other devices. These consumer electronic products usually require a large number of high-precision SMT components, and the high-speed and high-precision placement capabilities of the Samsung SM471 PLUS SMT machine can meet their production needs.

For example, in the production of mobile phone circuit boards, it is necessary to quickly and accurately mount various tiny chip resistors, capacitors, chips and other components onto the PCB board. Samsung SM471 PLUS can efficiently complete this task.

Automotive electronics production:The production of circuit boards for electronic control units (ECUs), instrument panels, navigation systems, airbag controllers and other components in automobiles requires chip placement machines for component placement. The stability and high precision of the chip placement machine can ensure the stable operation of automotive electronic products in complex working environments.

For example, various sensor chips and control chips need to be mounted on the PCB board of the car's engine control module (ECM). Samsung SM471 PLUS can accurately and quickly complete the mounting of these chips.

Industrial Electronics Manufacturing:High-precision placement machines are also required in the production of industrial electronic products such as industrial automation equipment, instruments and meters, and power control equipment.

For example, the controller circuit boards of industrial robots and the circuit boards of smart meters can all be produced using Samsung SM471 PLUS.

Communication equipment manufacturing:Such as the production of circuit boards for communication equipment such as routers, switches, base stations, etc. These devices have certain requirements on the accuracy and speed of patching, and this patch machine can meet this demand well.

For example, Samsung SM471 PLUS can play an important role in the PCB board production of RF modules and digital processing modules in 5G base stations.

Medical electronic equipment production:The production of circuit boards for medical electronic products such as medical monitoring equipment, diagnostic instruments, and therapeutic equipment requires high-precision and high-reliability patch technology.

For example, the Samsung SM471 PLUS SMT machine can provide high-quality SMT services for the internal circuit boards of devices such as pacemakers and blood glucose monitors.

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