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Samsung SM481 plus

Mounting speed: up to 40,000CPH (Optimal)
Mounting accuracy: ±40 μm@±3σ (Chip), ±30 μm@±3σ (QFP)
Component range: 0402 (01005 inch) ~ maximum □42mm (h15mm)
PCB size: Standard: L460xW400x1Lane; Optional: L1500xW460x1Lane

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parameter Specification
Mounting machine model SM481 Plus
Number of cantilevers and shafts 1 cantilever, 10 shafts
Mounting speed Up to 40,000 CPH (Optimal)
Applicable component size 0402 (01005 inch)
Corresponding component size Maximum □42mm (h15mm)
Mounting accuracy ±40 μm@±3σ(Chip),±30 μm@±3σ(QFP)
Corresponding PCB size (standard) L460xW400x1Lane
Corresponding PCB size (optional) L1500xW460x1Lane

Samsung SM481 plus Features of Samsung SM481 plus

High-speed placement performance: A placement speed of up to 40,000 CPH (Optimal) has been achieved, which can significantly improve production efficiency and quickly complete placement tasks.
High-precision placement:The placement accuracy reaches ±40 μm@±3σ (Chip) and ±30 μm@±3σ (QFP), which can ensure that components are accurately placed on the PCB and guarantee product quality and performance.
Wide range of component compatibility:It can mount tiny components ranging from 0402 (01005 inch) to large components up to □42mm (15mm in height), with a wide range of component mounting to meet diverse production needs.
Powerful PCB processing capabilities: Under standard configuration, it can handle PCBs of L460xW400x1Lane, and under optional configuration, it can correspond to PCBs of L1500xW460x1Lane, with strong adaptability to PCB sizes.
Advanced Vision System:The enhanced VISION system and new flying camera can accurately identify and locate components, improving the accuracy and reliability of placement.
Efficient suction/placing action: The optimized suction and placement process reduces the placement time and further improves the overall work efficiency of the equipment.
Flexibility and versatility: With the 10Nozzle high-speed piano-key head and Upward Camera Option, the SM series equipment has excellent general-purpose high-speed placement capabilities and is suitable for the production and manufacturing of a variety of electronic products.
Application areas of Samsung SM481 plus
Samsung SM481 plus placement machine has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the following aspects:
Consumer electronics:Mobile phone production: used to accurately and quickly mount components such as chips, resistors, capacitors, etc. on mobile phone circuit boards. Tablet computer manufacturing: realize component mounting on motherboards and other functional module circuit boards to ensure production efficiency and quality.
Computer hardware manufacturing: Laptop production: mounting various electronic components, such as processors, memory chips, graphics chips, etc. Desktop computer motherboard manufacturing: ensuring the precise mounting of various tiny components on the motherboard.
Home appliance manufacturing:Smart TV production: complete the patch work of TV control board, signal processing board, etc. Production of smart controllers for air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.: mount control chips and related electronic components on PCB.
Automotive electronics:Automotive instrument panel production: Mount display driver chips, sensors and other components on circuit boards. Car audio and navigation system manufacturing: Mount components on related circuit boards.
Industrial electronics:Industrial controller production: such as controllers for automated production lines, control panels for industrial robots, etc. Instrument manufacturing: Component mounting for circuit boards of various measuring and testing instruments.
Communication equipment field:Base station equipment manufacturing: Component mounting for control panels, radio frequency modules, etc. for base stations. Network equipment production: Circuit board mounting for equipment such as routers and switches.
Medical electronics field:Manufacture of medical testing equipment: such as circuit board mounting for blood analyzers, biochemical detectors, etc. Manufacturing of medical monitoring equipment: mounting components on circuit boards for monitors, electrocardiographs, etc.

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