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A guide to purchasing second-hand SMT equipment

With the rapid development of the electronics manufacturing industry, the demand for SMT equipment continues to grow. While pursuing high-quality production, reducing costs is also a key concern for companies. Second-hand SMT equipment, as an economical option, provides a feasible solution for many electronics manufacturing companies.

SMT technicians tell you the characteristics of multi-function placement machines

SMT technicians will tell you that the multifunctional placement machine, as a key equipment in the SMT (surface mount technology) production line, has a series of remarkable features. The following are the main features of the multifunctional placement machine: 1. High speed and high precision 2. Diversity and adaptability 3. Automatic...

What is the role of chip mounters in the semiconductor industry?

Chip mounters play a vital role in the semiconductor industry. Their role is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Automated production 2. Improve product quality 3. Reduce manufacturing costs 4. Strong scalability 5. Key equipment In summary, chip mounters play a vital role in the semiconductor industry.

Why are "carriers and fixtures" used in SMT welding?

1. Use scenarios of carriers and fixtures Carriers: Mainly used to assist production during printing and placement machine mounting. If the board is not properly assembled and the board is broken, it also needs to be used. Use scenarios 1. Thin PCB: PCB…