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Common Problems in SMT Purchase

What are the options for chip placement machine models and specifications?

There are many models and specifications of SMT machines to choose from to meet the needs of different customers. These models and specifications may include different SMT speeds, accuracy, size ranges of components that can be mounted, supported component packaging types, etc. We list the technical parameters and specification tables of each model of SMT machine in detail for customers' reference and comparison. Customers can choose the appropriate model and specification according to their production needs, budget and production line configuration.

What is the price of the placement machine? Is there any price discount policy?

The price of the placement machine varies depending on factors such as model, specification, configuration and brand. We will provide corresponding price preferential policies based on factors such as customer purchase quantity, cooperation history and market activities. Customers can consult our customer service staff before purchasing to learn about the latest price information and preferential policies.

What is the purchase process? What documents or information do I need to prepare?

The process of purchasing a placement machine usually includes the following steps:
Product consultation: Customers contact us through the website, email, phone, etc. to learn about product information, prices, configurations, etc.
Determine the demand: Customers determine the model, specifications and quantity of the placement machine they need to purchase based on their production needs and budget.
Signing the contract: After both parties reach an agreement, they sign a purchase contract to specify terms such as product specifications, price, delivery date, and payment method.
Pay a deposit: The customer pays a deposit or advance payment according to the contract.
Production and delivery: The supplier produces the placement machine according to the contract requirements and delivers it within the agreed time.
Acceptance and payment: The customer will inspect the SMT machine after receiving it and pay the balance after confirming that it is correct.

How is after-sales service guaranteed? What are the specific service contents?

We value every customer's after-sales service experience and provide a full range of after-sales service guarantees. Specific services include technical support, maintenance services, training services, and spare parts supply.

What is the delivery time and shipping method?

The delivery date and transportation method will vary depending on factors such as the customer's purchase quantity, production arrangements and logistics conditions. When signing a purchase contract, we will negotiate with the customer to determine the specific delivery date and transportation method. Usually, we will use sea, air or land transportation for transportation, and provide customers with full tracking services to ensure that the equipment arrives safely at the destination. Customers can consult our customer service staff before purchasing to learn about the specific delivery date and transportation method.

What are the payment methods? Do you support payment by letter of credit?

We offer a variety of payment methods for customers to choose from, including wire transfer, letter of credit, Alipay, etc. The specific payment method will vary depending on factors such as the customer's purchase amount, cooperation history, and market habits. When signing a purchase contract, we will negotiate with the customer to determine the specific payment method. For large transactions or new customers, we may prefer to use letter of credit payment to ensure the safety and reliability of the transaction. Customers can consult our customer service staff before purchasing to understand the supported payment methods and related requirements.

Common Problems of Mounting Machine

What is the accuracy and speed of the placement machine?

The accuracy and speed of the placement machine are its core performance indicators, which directly affect production efficiency and product quality. High-precision, high-speed placement machines can complete the placement tasks of complex components faster and reduce errors. The specific accuracy and speed parameters vary according to different models and brands. Customers are advised to check the detailed product specification sheet on the website or consult our technical team for specific information.

What is the applicable scope of the placement machine?

Chip mounters are widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry, including consumer electronics, communications equipment, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other fields. They can handle components in various packaging forms, such as SOP, QFP, BGA, etc., to meet the production needs of different products. On the website, we have listed in detail the application areas of the chip mounter and the types of components that can be processed, so that customers can choose the equipment suitable for their own production line.

What is the main function of a placement machine?

The placement machine is a key equipment in the electronics manufacturing industry. Its main function is to automatically, accurately and quickly place electronic components (such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, etc.) on the designated position on the PCB (printed circuit board) or other substrates. This process is one of the core links in the manufacture of electronic products and is of great significance for improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.